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Organic Farming

We are committed to using organic farming methods, which include:

  • ZERO pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides used on our plants or soil
  • Our soil amendments and plant applications are all organic
  • Purchase only certified organic seeds and starter plants from reputable organic nurseries

Why is Hollie not "certified organic?" While I firmly believe purchasing certified organic products is enormously important (to people and the environment), as a very small farmer, obtaining certification for your farm can be extremely costly (yet another reason organic is more expensive). While I do plan on certifying in the future, I currently do not have the resources or administrate support to do so.  I do however, have 100% transparency in my soil amendment program (see list below), and have zero-pesticide residue results from 3rd party soil tests. 

Fertilizer Organic Certification: OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)


Sustainable Business Practices

  • Zero-waste farm. All organic materials (dead leaves, plants) are composted and then applied later to the soil, or fed to our adorable goats (Leo & Diego).
  • We primarily sell at Farmers' Markets and Events supporting our local economy
  • Environmentally friendly materials: All our herbal products are in American-made glass.  Glass is the cleanest container and does not "off-gas" any toxic chemicals like plastic.  Plus they are 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Any added ingredients for our products are locally sourced and grown or processed organically.