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Hollie Lucas - Alcalay

At Hollie's Homegrown it is our mission is to grow and procure the highest quality herbs, full of flavor and medicinal properties to craft delicious, healthy, safe food and bath/body products. My family emigrated from the tiny Adriatic coastal country of Croatia, my grandparents were hard working farming entrepreneurs, and so my heart has always drawn me to farming. Ten years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to move to an idyllic town 25 miles east of San Francisco and purchase our dream home with an undeveloped 1/2 acre back yard. It was while I was on bed rest, pregnant with our daughter; I came up with the idea to transform our suburban weed patch into a beautiful working farm. This was something that I could do with our children, generate income and share with our community. As an amateur home chef and herbal tea lover, I decided to grow all my favorite things, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and herbs for teas. I wrote a business plan, and after pouring over countless herb and cookbooks, I made a garden map, planted, and the rest is history! Our small family business continues to grow and thrive today, and I am humbled by its success and support from all our customers. Our recent awards include the Whole Foods Market "Local Food Maker" Grant Winner and Martha Stewart "American Made" Food Finalist. Herbs are delicious and full of medicinal properties too, so get inspired to cook, relax more and take good care of yourself and your family. Thank you!! -Hollie

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Thama Brentano

For over 20 years, Thama has worked in the food industry. She was formally trained as a Pastry Chef, and over the years expanded into many different culinary roles in the kitchen. In addition to her work in restaurants and catering, Thama consults on recipe and product development for corporate clients as well as independent producers. While she loves being in a production kitchen, she particularly enjoys sharing her love of food and cooking with adults and children, teaching them about the joys and health benefits of home cooked meals. She taught cooking classes at Williams Sonoma, Back to the Table Cooking School, local community centers as well as on Air Force bases around the country. Thama joined Hollie's Homegrown last Fall, assisting with sales and production. Currently she is drawing upon her diverse background to develop easy to prepare and delicious recipes highlighting Hollie's Homegrown products. To contact Thama directly for Culinary Consulting at thama.brentano@gmail.com .